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Heart in Mind run bespoke 1:1 sessions, Family sessions and Empowerment Group Sessions based on Trauma Informed Practices, Counselling Skills, Yoga, Mindfulness and Relaxation.  

These sessions aim to help young people tune into their bodies, emotions, and nervous systems.  The aim is to empower young people and families with tools, techniques, and knowledge to self-regulate and navigate life’s challenges.

The sessions incorporate the work of Dan Hughes P.A.C.E (Play, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) as a protective factor that aims to make the child feel safe so they can stay open and engaged.  I also incorporate age-appropriate psychoeducation based on Stephen Porges Poly Vagel theory, Jaak Panksepp’s neuroscience of mental health and the work of Dr Margot Sunderland.

Sessions are individually tailored to meet the therapeutic needs of each family.  They are designed to help balance the central nervous system using body movement, body awareness, massage, breath work, therapeutic conversations and mindfulness practices.  The Arts are used (drumming, clay, sand, paint, drawing etc) to open therapeutic conversations or to help release stored emotions. 

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